The #metoo Campaign

The #metoo Campaign is a campaign where women speak up and tell their stories about sexual harassment at their workplace. They have the opportunity to tell it anonymously in fear of being punished for telling the truth. In Afghanistan women or her family are in many cases being killed by the harasser for speaking truly or killed by their family because of shame.

In the article “Harassment All Around, Afghan Women Weigh Risks of Speaking Out” I found a quote which shocked me.
“Even rape victims are sometimes killed by their own relatives, who believe the shame attached to rape is worse than the suffering of the rape victim.” This quote made me realize how terrible the society is in Afghanistan. They don’t deserve to be treated this way, especially not by their families. Instead of killing them, they should be supportive and try to punish and put the harasser in prison instead.

From this article I learned how bad the consequences are for women when they are the ones being harassed. The impression I have of the Afghan society is very bad and I strongly think they should punish these actions because it is a part of their human rights to be treated equally. The harassment society can be changed if the punishments for it becomes stronger and if people can be brave enough to speak up for either themselves or others if they experience this or sees someone experiencing it.